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Quinoa and Goat Cheese Salad

Quinoa and goat cheese with herbs, candied cherry and papaya, goji berry and raspberry reduction

10,50 €

Ensalada De Pollo Marinado

Marinated in khaffir lime with Indonesian satay sauce, endive, rocket, cashew, snow peas and fresh guacamole.

11,50 €

Burrata and Crystal Bread Salad

Combination of burrata with homemade pesto, raspberries, blackberries, carambola and dried mango.

11,50 €

Poke Bowls

Pork crackling bowl

Sesame glazed, served with bimi, pickled onion, avocado, cashew nuts and Japanese sauce. With sushi rice base.

12,50 €

Chicken Sirloin Bowl

Grilled and marinated in khaffir lime with Indonesian satay sauce and bimi, pickled onion, avocado and pistachio. With sushi rice base

13,50 €

Bowl De Solomillo De Ternera

Turmeric marinated with yakiniku sauce sautéed with bimi, snow peas, onions, grilled sweet potato and pumpkin seeds, sushi rice basAe

14,50 €


Black Angus Burger

Black angus with chips

9,50 €

Chicken Sirloin Burger With House Guacamole

Served with homemade guacamole, rocket, tomato and served with potatoes or sweet potato.

10,50 €

Stripes Of Ribs Burger

Cooked at low temperature (24h) with pickled onion, rocket, tomato and served with potato or sweet potato.

13,00 €

Meat and Fish

Pork Tenderloin with Demiglass

Copy of Prepared grilled (130g) and served with truffled mashed potato and homemade demiglass

13,50 €

Chicken Breast Grilled

With demiglass of the house

14,50 €

Galician Beef Tenderloin with Mashed Potatoes

Prepared grilled (130g) and served with truffled mashed potato and homemade demiglass.

16,00 €

Chicharrón of Iberian pork feathers

Dressed with aji panca nikkei and sweet potato glaze in demiglass

14,00 €


Beef cannelloni

Cooked at low temperature with meat stock, burrrata with pesto and fresh basil leaves.

9,50 €

Tiradito of sea bass

Spicy Nikkei with a yellow chilli base. With avocado, mango and crispy quinoa. Served with sweet potato chips

11,50 €

Peruvian ceviche of fresh sea bass

Prepared with traditional tiger's milk, accompanied by red onion, aji limo, cancha and plantain chips.

12,50 €

Shrimp in lime tempura

Battered in Japanese pankok with spicy coconut sauce.

10,50 €

Cheek Croquettes

Cooked at low temperature with truffle and demiglass sauce

8,50 €

Prawn Croquette

Prepared with siracha and served with flying fish roe.

9,50 €

Wantong de Gorgonzola

Prepared with cinnamon candied pear and roasted walnut, served with guava jam.

10,50 €

Chicken Wings

En salsa yakiniku y sweet chili.

10,50 €

Grilled marinated octopus leg

Grilled octopus leg marinated in sesame oil, quinoa and chives, served with vittelote blue potato purée and black garlic Ali oli.

21,00 €

Nachos Bistro 11:11

Corn triangles with cochineal

10,50 €


Eby Shrimp Maki in Yellow Chili Sauce


10,50 €

Eel Maki


10,50 €

Sesame Beef Tataki


11,00 €

Eby Shrimp Maki In Tiger's Milk Sauce


11,50 €

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